You are not alone


The teen years can be challenging for both teens and parents but neither of you has to go at it alone.  Knowing there are other kids who are feeling afraid, shy, worried, different, sad, or hopeless can be comforting and sharing in a safe space can be empowering.  

Parents, I am here to support you in caring for your teen so you can stop feeling helpless, frustrated, afraid, and confused.  I provide support and resources that will help you better understand both of your needs and assist you in creating a more harmonious family life.

For your teen, I am here to help them stop feeling hopeless, sad, misunderstood, and isolated!  Whether through individual or group therapy,  they will learn the power of creative expression and sharing themselves in a judgment free space. 

Are ready to find the right support for your teen?


Getting started...

Connect today and get the support you both need!  It's as easy as 1-2-3 to start the process: 

  1. Schedule a free 15 minute call to see if we're a potential fit and get your questions answered.  If we decide to proceed, you'll move to Step 2.

  2. Schedule an interview appointment.  You will receive an information packet to review and fill out prior to this appointment.  This is required of all new clients whether your are interested in individual or group therapy.  If either party decides we are not a good fit, I will do my best to provide referrals based on your needs.  If we decide we are a good fit, we'll schedule our first individual and/or group therapy session!  

  3. Therapy begins!! We will fine tune your treatment plan together including specific goals to be achieved, whether individual, group, or some combination is most appropriate, and the ways we will measure and evaluate your progress.  We formally review and discuss progress around every 6 weeks.

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