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I'm so glad you are here. 

It means, more than likely, you are a parent like me and maybe feeling a little overwhelmed. You may have tried traditional routes for yourself or your child and you are simply not seeing results. You are beginning to shut down and loose hope that things are ever going to feel different.  

I became a therapist because becoming a parent has been the single most transformative experience of my life (and it still is). My children have been my greatest teachers and I have healed many aspects of myself so that I could become a better human for my family. I love helping parents like you do the same!

As a parent, I understand how scary it can feel when you are unhappy or spinning your wheels.

While I initially started out specializing in children and teens, I have expanded my services to parents because I am amazed how willing most are to really dive deep and work on the issues that are making parenting challenging. It is my deepest desire to help you begin seeing today's challenges as an opportunity to transform old pain and patterns into more joy and connection.

No one said it would be easy, only WORTH IT

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I know this because I've been at it for almost 20 years myself. I walk my talk and have continued to use my role as a parent to dive deep and heal old family stories and patterns.  And guess what? Every time I go deeper, heal the next layer that emerges, I see the way it ripples out to those I love most. I firmly believe that when we heal as parents, it ripples both forward to our children and grandchildren and backward to our ancestors before us.  

My passion for teens remains strong

I don’t know about you but, the teen years were some of the most confusing, challenging years of my life. It is where I developed a pretty bad self-esteem and entered the huge, overwhelming world with tons of deep-seated fears, intense anxiety, blossoming phobias, and a deep belief that I simply was not good enough. I love helping tweens and teens beef up their coping skills, tackle anxiety, and learn how to more gracefully navigate during life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Whether you feel your child needs support or you are seeking support for your own parenting journey, I would be honored to be that one person who truly listens, witnesses creativity and encourages it to be nurtured, and empowers you to create your own unique path forward.

I believe doing this work makes families grow stronger

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  • Ursuline College: Master of Art in Counseling and Art Therapy, 2014

  • The Ohio State University: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 1994

Certifications and License

  • Licensed Processional Clinical Counselor State of Ohio: E.1800768

  • Board Certified Art Therapist: 16-297

  • EMDR Trained Therapist

  • DBT- informed

  • AMSR and CAMS Suicide Prevention and Treatment Certification

  • MARI Practitioner since 2014

  • Usui Reiki Practitioner: Level II since 2007

My Experience

While most of my training and experience has been with children and adolescents, I have also worked with adults in a variety of settings.  I completed my extensive clinical training at Cleveland Clinic-Lutheran Hospital Behavioral Health, Art Therapy Studio - United Cerebral Palsy, Akron Children's Hospital - Expressive Therapy Center, and New Directions - Residential Dual-Diagnosis Addiction Treatment for Adolescents.

After graduation, I had the privilege of working with adults in crisis on the acute psychology and detoxification units at the Cleveland Clinic - Lutheran Hospital.  Running groups in an environment where people are often experiencing deep and profound pain, can be challenging. However, I found that art and creative expression simply found a way through the chaos and created opportunities for deep insight and a new way to cope with stress and anger.  Combining creative expression with mindfulness, cognitive behavioral techniques, and education about addiction and mental health often allowed patients to envision a new way forward.

For close to 4 years I worked with children, teens, and families at Akron Children's Hospital as an Art Therapist for the Expressive Therapy Center and Haslinger Pediatric Palliative Care team. It was an honor to watch patients light up when given the opportunity to be creative.  Whether it was a child dealing with a complex, chronic medical condition, a parent concerned about their child's survival, or a teen experiencing suicidal thoughts and self-harming behavior, creative expression allowed them to connect to something "life-giving", something softer and kinder than their pain.  Through a variety of groups, individual sessions, and home visits for palliative care patients, I was invited into each patient and family's life to witness and hold space for their pain, sadness, and stress. I was also witness to many miracles of recovery.

I bring all of this experience, passion, and care into every group, individual session, and workshop.  I strive to create a non-judgmental environment so you can find new ways forward and feel supported in your parenting journey.

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