About Todd Corbin

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Mindfulness teacher, 

stress expert, m

otivational speaker, and c

ertified coach


It all started when...

Todd was mistakenly labeled learning disabled and grew up with extremely low self-esteem causing years of social and emotional trauma.  Now he speaks to and coaches business professionals, salespeople, parents, teachers, students, and athletes on using mindful awareness to enhance performance and overcome stress and anxiety. 

For over twelve years Todd served as an instructor at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio, teaching courses in stress management, peak performance, communication skills, mindful parenting and teaching, and meditation.

He has been practicing and teaching mindfulness since 1994, integrating the most current research in neuroscience and optimal performance.  He received formal training in mindfulness from some of the leading experts and programs in the field including:  Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.Dr. Amy Saltzman's Still Quiet PlaceGina Biegel’s Stressed Teens (MBSR-T),  U Massachusetts Medical Center’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction(MBSR), mPEAK: Mindful Performance Enhancement, Awareness, and Knowledge from UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness, and The Science of Happiness from Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley.

Todd also received extensive training in meditation directly from best-selling authors Deepak Chopra and Neale Donald Walsch.  As a result, he created a mindfulness based curriculum for children and teens in 2003 based on their teachings and Todd’s own insights taught at the Chopra Center for Well-Being in Carlsbad, CA.

Todd received a parent coaching certification with specialized training in special needs in 2012 from the Academy for Coaching Parents International.

He also received a Level 2 certification in 2013 from Pediatric Speech Therapist Suzy Miller's Awesomism Practitioner Program which is designed to creategreater understanding and communication with children, especially those kids on the spectrum.

Todd spent over twenty-one years in higher education working for some of the world’s leading educational publishers like Pearson, Houghton-Mifflin, and Cengage Learning. This afforded Todd access to thousands of professors in hundreds of schools across the country helping him gain an intimate knowledge of how students learn most effectively.

Todd is an avid runner, sports enthusiast, and classic movie aficionado.  He was captain of his high school golf team and played varsity baseball where he used his speed to track down many fly balls. He continued his passion for sports by coaching youth baseball for many years. He nowshares his knowledge of stress and anxiety relief and performance enhancement with student athletes, sports teams, and coaches.

Todd resides in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife, two teen athlete boys, and Irish Setter running partner

For more information visit Todd's website at https://toddcorbin.mykajabi.com/