Empowered Parenting: Partnering with Your Teen

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What if you could gain some super powers when it comes to parenting your teen?  What if you learn some new skills to help you feel more centered, more in control as a parent?  What if you could begin partnering with your teen instead of battling with them?

Join me LIVE Monday April 9th at 12:00pm as I kick off the first of a FREE five part series on Empowered Parenting! In this series, you will learn how to partner with your teen using:

  • the power of mindfulness
  • a new understanding of emotional intelligence
  • improved distress tolerance skills, and
  • creative organization skills to quiet the chaos.

Register for your spot today! Replay will be available if you can't make the LIVE!

We've been featured on FreshPractice!!


Exciting news everyone! 

Truly Connected Counseling and Art Therapy has been featured on FreshPractice, a website offering therapy office design inspiration for therapists, by therapists. Here’s an excerpt from the interview with practice owner, Jody R. Pittner:


I want my clients to look forward to coming in each week. I want them to feel inspired and comfortable to open up to new perspectives.  I want the environment to allow creativity to flow and ideas to spring up during session.



In the featured post, you’ll discover how Jody went about creating this “modern, cool” office making use of every square inch as well as advice for therapists designing their own spaces.  For the full feature article, click here!

Truly Connected Counseling and Art Therapy is a counseling and art therapy practice in Cleveland, OH that specializes in helping teens through both individual and group therapy. They also offers unique, one-day seasonal camp experiences for teens, giving each participant opportunity to connect to themselves, others, and nature.

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