Never Too Late to Create Order Out of Chaos

I had so much fun talking with organization expert and teen time management coach Leslie Josel of Order Out of Chaos!  Here are a few highlights and just a few of the gems she shared:

  • DETERMINE EXECUTIVE AGE: When deciding what you think your teen "should" be able to do on their own, consider if they have challenges such as impulsivity, mood and mental health issues, physical health issues or other factors to determine their Executive Age. If one or more of these things affect your child, on average, they will be 30% younger in areas where executive function skills are required. This can be helpful in setting appropriate expectations and help you support them to strengthen their executive skills muscle.

  • IMPORTANCE OF VISUALIZING TIME: If a child can not see their time, they can not be expected to manage it. Leslie explains why she encourages parents to get analog clocks (especially in bathrooms -- 45 minute showers happen to us all!) and why it is critical with regard to time management.

  • ANCHORING TIME HELPS BUILD FUTURE AWARENESS: Seeing time also helps teens anchor time to something that is concrete. It helps them marry what they have to do with when they have time to do it!

  • WHAT'S YOUR PLAN: Leslie shares why this is her absolute favorite question to share with parents!

  • WAYS TO CONNECT: As you are all aware, I have a passion for connecting people with amazing resources that truly help your life feel better! Leslie offers so much free content, writes for ADDitudes magazine, offers low cost webinars, in-depth boot camps for students, and personalized coaching for parents and students. Check it out!