Why groups are great for teens...


The teen years are an amazing, intense time of growth and maturation.  Children this age begin to naturally pull away from their families and begin looking to friends for love, acceptance, and advice.  While peers relationships can be supportive and healthy, often friends may be experiencing many of the same scary feelings and uncertainties.  Teen groups, when facilitated by a trained professional, tap into the power of peer relationships while also offering a new way to approach and understand problems.  Add creative expression and opportunities to truly connect into the mix and something magical can happen, allowing feelings of isolation and loneliness to lessen or disappear.


Create and Cope Art Therapy Group

This weekly, ongoing, open enrollment group is for teens who are experiencing:

  • Overwhelm and stress

  • Feelings of depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem

  • Loneliness or isolation

  • Social challenges

  • Difficulty coping, AND

  • Loves art!


Tween & Teen Anxiety Group

This group is an 8 week, highly focused program to help you and your child put anxiety in its place! This group is perfect for tween or teens who…

  • May miss school due to stomach aches, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and feeling panicky

  • Avoid things they may enjoy due to overwhelming worry

  • Feel powerless to stop worry and uncomfortable symptoms of anxiety

  • Have difficulty calming their mind and body

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No matter which group meets your needs, I’m confident your teen will...

  • Connect to other teens and learn valuable social skills so they feel more confident

  • Gain self-acceptance and self-compassion so that they no longer believe they are worthless or unimportant

  • Establish healthy peer relationships and support so they no longer feel so lonely

  • Learn how to use creative expression to cope with stress so they can be successful in school and beyond!