Does my child or teen have depression?

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When your teen prefers to be alone in their room it’s hard to know if they might actually be depressed

As kids move into the teen years, most don’t really want to spend a ton of time with parents and siblings. They start to prefer talking to friends about personal stuff and may even completely shut you out. While you may feel rejected and confused, especially if you were once pretty close, you are starting to see more worrisome changes such as:

  • Low energy and motivation

  • Feeling sad more often than not (maybe even tearful)

  • No longer interested in things that brought them joy before

  • Isolating themselves from friends and family

  • Sleeping too much or not enough

  • Irritable and/or angry

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Feelings of worthlessness

  • Low self-esteem

  • Not caring for their body (hygiene, appetite changes, not drinking enough water, not exercising)

Some sadness and loneliness is an inevitable part of life and may even be expected when traumatic events or even losses happen.

You are not alone and therapy can help get things back on track

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I help tweens, teens, and parents like you find solutions to stress and depression. Depression can feel like a life sentence of loneliness and isolation, but with the right tools, teens can learn how to challenge depressed thoughts and learn skills to find deeper connection to themselves and others. Sadness is a part of life but depression is something that needs to be addressed.

I rely on Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), the gold standard for treating depression (and anxiety), to get your teen feeling better as quickly as possible. I also mix in tried and true mindfulness techniques and creative ways to cope with all that life throws at you. As a skilled EMDR clinician, I am capable of helping your teen tackle even even the most challenging loss, grief, and sadness.

I also provide weekly support for teens who feel lonely and isolated in my Create & Cope Art Therapy Groups


As an art therapist I also know the value of using creativity and connection in combating feelings of isolation and loneliness. I offer an ongoing, open enrollment Create & Cope Groups which provide a unique, creative way for teens to connect, learn new coping skills, and support one another!

Reach out to get the support you both need!