This group is currently enrolling!!  Only 8 spots!  Groups start FEBRUARY 28th and goes until May 30th!  Schedule your Free Consult to see if group is right for your teens!

Get Your Younger Teen the Support You Both Need!!

  • Is your young teen feeling alone?

  • Is your young teen feeling confused and overwhelmed?

  • Are they uncertain how to navigate the social relationships?

  • Do they feel like they just don't fit in?

  • Have you tried everything maybe even individual or traditional talk therapy?


Then Teen Art Therapy Group may be the Missing Piece!

This group for younger teens ages 12-14 is specifically designed to provide a safe, creative space for self-exploration, expression of feelings, and support to help your middle school teen go from feeling overwhelmed by all the changes they are going through to feeling empowered to create the change you both need and want.

Your teen will go from overwhelmed and alone...

Your teen will go from overwhelmed and alone... feeling accepted and understood! feeling accepted and understood!

Benefits of Group...

  • Teens will learn how to acknowledge difficult feelings and safely express them so that they no longer feel so overwhelmed.
  • Teens will gain the support of other teens going through similar things so they will no longer feel like they are the only one.
  • Teens will gain access to new knowledge of how to use the creative arts to cope with stress and express themselves so they can feel seen and heard.
  • Teens will walk away each week with a new perspective and new skills to manage stress, anxiety, and difficult emotions so they will no longer feel powerless in life.
You'll feel the difference too!

You'll feel the difference too!

Group Details

  • Enrollment is now open for Spring Session starting February 28-May 30!
  • Cost is $50/week or choose the automatic payment option and it drops to $40/week ($160/month for three months)
  • Group meets for 90 minutes Wednesdays 6-7:30pm.
  • Each semester follows natural breaks in school year. Re-enrollment for next semester always open to current members first.  
  • Includes art materials used during group
  • Initial Interview session is required for all new clients to determine therapeutic goals and fit (one time, non-refundable fee of $125). 
  • Start the process by scheduling Free 15 Minute Phone Consult to see if group might be right for your teen!
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Jody Pittner, LPC, ATR-BC

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Art Therapist specializing in teens, I am uniquely qualified to assist your teen in meeting their goals.  I have run hundreds of groups and spent countless hours assisting children and adolescents to engage in creative expression to create change.

What teens have told me...


"Being creative helps me feel like there is still good in me."

"Even at my worst I can create something beautiful."

"I never saw my situation in this way before."

"Art therapy helps me relax my mind and my body."

"It helps me look at problems in a new way."

"I can tune out in a good way."