Does my child or teen have anxiety?

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As a parent you are not always sure what to do

You often wonder if the worry and nervousness your child feels is normal. You know they are a bit shy or a true introvert. While you know that isn’t a bad thing, you also noticing others things. Something seems off to you, more than personality and temperament. You see your teen struggling to connect with peers and avoiding new experiences due to:

  • Constant worry and what ifs

  • Fear of criticism

  • Fear of not knowing what to say in social situations

  • Frequent complaints of stomachaches/headaches

  • Avoidance of school or any new experiences

  • Anger

  • Irritability

  • Full on panic attacks

They may even be turning to self-harm, changes in eating habits, or other harmful ways to turn down the worry and restlessness they feel.

In fact, you’re almost certain normal worry has turned into anxiety

I help tweens, teens, and parents like you find solutions to stress and anxiety. Anxiety is intense but also one of the most treatable mental health challenges. Anxiety is a part of life but anxious thoughts are often not true and your child can learn how to challenge them and begin feeling like that have real choices again.

I rely on Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), the gold standard for treating anxiety (and depression), to get your teen feeling better as quickly as possible. I also mix in tried and true mindfulness techniques and am a skilled EMDR therapist capable of tackling even the toughest negative beliefs and fears.

Did you know groups are an amazing way to challenge anxiety?


I run a structured, 8 week Anxiety Groups as well! Groups are a perfect way to gently, and confidentially challenge the messages anxiety tells your teen about connecting to others and taking social risks. Group also supports social learning and reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Worry and stress is part of life, but it doesn’t have to run the show

Whether through highly individualized one-to-one therapy, structured group therapy with parent support, or some combination, I am confident that you and your child can find the relief you need.

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