Anxiety Support for Tweens & Teens

Fall Semester Enrolling now! Deadline September 26th!1


Stop Letting Anxiety Rule Your Life!

I get it! You have read the self-help books. You’ve let your tween/teen stay home when their bodies are freaking out…like a lot. You’ve used consequences and rewards to encourage your tween/teen to just ignore the worry so you can stop fighting and just get out the door. You’ve gotten calls from school to come pick them up because of another stomachache or headache. They may have even had a few really scary panic attacks out of know where. Your teen tells you they are overwhelmed and just can’t keep up with everything despite being quite bright and capable. You don’t know how to help and you think you might even be making it worse!

It’s time to put anxiety in its place with new knowledge and skills that really work!

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I’m here to help…

Every now and again, as a therapist and parent, you discover books and tools that simply can’t be duplicated. I have found the work and resources from Lynn Lyons and Reid Wilson to be some of the most comprehensive and empowering when it comes to helping tweens/teens and parents understand the role and function of anxiety and how to PLAY (yes, play) with it. While I’ve been successfully using these resources with my individual clients and families, I’ll tell you the truth…I think learning in a group has the power to really help get these skills rooted in and integrated into real life (where it matters most after all) much quicker.

This 8 week group for tweens & teens, with a powerful parent self-study support option, is designed to help move your family along faster and more effectively than on your own.

Benefits of Group for your child...

  • Learn what anxiety really is, where it comes from, and what it wants

  • Gain the support of other teens trying to “get better at anxiety”

  • Develop new thinking strategies like expecting and planning for anxiety, care taking the anxious body ,and more.

  • Learn what doesn’t help and why

Benefits of Group for you...

  • Each week you will get a summary email with the highlighted skills and ways to practice together to improve your understanding and ability to support your child’s learning

  • Want to take it further and take advantage of an additional layer of support and accountability while your child is enrolled? For an additional $30 per week, you can join the Parents of Anxious Kids Group!

  • This private parent study group, facilitated by yours truly, will use a parent companion book while adding invaluable weekly support to work on specific action items AND personalized coaching during a weekly group call.

When parents and teens learn together, results are often realized sooner.

You'll feel the difference too!


This is a 60 minute, closed group (members start and finish together) meets weekly for 8 weeks. Teens begin and end at specific times throughout the year and move through the course together. This group repeats several times in a semester so check nearest start date and apply early.

If group sounds like a good therapeutic match after our 15 Minute Connection Call, we will schedule your Group Intake Interview (allow 50 minutes). This must be completed one week prior to group start date and does not necessarily guarantee your child will be accepted into group.

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Day and Time

  • Tween Group (ages 9-12) meets on Thursdays from 5:00-6:00pm

  • Teen Group (ages 13-18) meets on Thursdays from 6:30-7:30pm

  • Fall Semester starts October 2nd

  • Registration and intake deadline September 25th

  • Parents groups meets virtually on Sundays 7:00-8:00pm


  • Cost is $40/week for child only option in the form of 2 automatic monthly payments of $160 each.

  • Add the Parents of Anxious Kids Weekly Coaching Group and it’s $65/week in the form of 2 automatic monthly payments of $260 each


  • By end of 8 week course you will have a complete binder of course materials to continue to practice as a family

  • Weekly parent communication

  • Any care coordination that may be helpful

  • All art materials used during group

    Start the process today by completing an interest form to explore if this group might be right for your tween or teen! Only 6 spots available!

About Jody...

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Jody Pittner, LPCC, ATR-BC

As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Board Certified Art Therapist specializing in teens, I am uniquely qualified to assist your teen in meeting their goals.  I have run hundreds of groups and spent countless hours assisting children and adolescents to engage in creative expression to create change. As a recovering perfectionist and anxiety warrior myself, I’m super excited to offer this new group!

Time or day of week just not going to work? Please reach out and apply anyway! If there is enough interest a new group may form!