About Sandy Reed


Classroom educator, primitive and earth-based living skills instructor, and avid environmentalist


It all started when...

As classroom educator for 30 years, Sandy started her work with students during her college years by volunteering for Wilderness Bond, a wilderness therapy outreach program for youths at risk. She graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS degree in Education followed by a Masters degree in Gifted Education through Ashland University.

She is also a certified American Montessori middle school teacher. Her classroom teaching has focused mainly on middle school aged students engaged in science and environmental curriculums. She has served as the K-12 Environmental Education specialist for her current school district for five years, developing curriculum and international programs for students K-12. She has lead HS credit bearing field study courses with students throughout the US and internationally to Belize and South Africa.

Her most recent achievement came in 2014 when she was presented with the "Green Difference Award" recognizing her as one of the top Outstanding Green Educator Program Directors in the country.

She has been an instructor with Coyote Trails School of Nature since 2006 where she teaches survival and earth-based living skills to youth, adults and families. She is a Level 2 International Wildlife Tracker, certified through Cybertracker in track ID and Trailing. She often travels to South Africa to practicing tracking and trailing in the bush.

She also loves archery and horses and is president of the non-profit Spiritual Quest Foundation. Sandy lives with her husband Cal and two children in Pataskala, Ohio.

Meet Sandy and Cal Reed...