Creatively Conscious Parent™ Workshop

learn how to Improve the way you communicate and connect with your teen!


Let’s face it…

Parenting is a journey with no map and at various points we can find ourselves feeling unprepared and completely lost.  I know no other time of development when this is more true than during the adolescent years. During this time, parents often report feeling alone and quite uncertain how to approach challenges around:





The good news is there is no perfect way. There are, however, ways to reconnect to your own creativity and intuition so you can find YOUR way.

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In this workshop you will learn…

  1. The Four Fundamental Shifts needed to increase flexibility and compassion as a parent of a teen

  2. Practical skills to improve communication (without yelling!)

  3. How to build (or repair) trust between you and your teen

  4. How to set realistic expectations to avoid common pitfalls and fights

  5. How to care for yourself during the teen years


When: Sunday June 30th-July 21st (4 weeks)

Time: 11am-1pm

Cost: $200

Your Instructor

Jody Pittner, LPCC, ATR-BC


It is my personal mission in life is to use my creativity to alleviate suffering and empower people to create change.  I founded Truly Connected Counseling and Art Therapy on this very premise and it is my great honor to empower parents of teens to embrace this often challenging time.

As a parent of two teens myself, I understands the parenting path and have diligently worked to create a sustainable life that is balanced both personally and professionally. I bring this awareness and compassion into every class.

My 30 plus year journey as a practicing artist, teacher, and spiritual seeker has allowed me to hone my intuition and creativity and I’m excited to share this wisdom and experience with you.

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The degree to which you allow creativity to flow through you is the degree to which you allow it to flow through your parenting and your entire family.
— Jody Pittner, Facilitator of Creative Consciousness