My Mission


It all started when...

As a creative arts instructor teaching art classes, summer camps, and workshops I noticed how hungry people were for opportunities to be creative and express themselves.  Children "do art" so effortlessly, following their creative whims and intuition without question.  Some teens still have this ability as well and dive right into the creative adventure but some have already pulled away or received negative messages about creativity.  In fact, in many cases, as a person ages into adulthood this willingness to go into the creative unknown either drastically changes or gets buried.

I grew more curious about these observations and wanted to know more.  I wanted to go deeper.  So, at the age of 40, I went back to school to become a board certified art therapist and licensed professional clinical counselor!  For the past 6 years, I've been privileged to not only learn more about the role creativity plays in creating mental health and wellness, but to directly assist people in connecting to and trusting it.  

Why does this matter?  

Seeing this pattern of diminishing creative engagement over time made me wonder, what would happen if this decline and disconnection did not occur?  What if, especially during the teen years, a person could connect more deeply to the joy of creative expression and use it to solve problems, express emotions, and connect to others in more authentic ways?  What if there was a place where teens could connect to themselves and others to get the support they need during what can be a challenging time of life?

And that is how Truly Connected Counseling and Art Therapy for Teens was created!  I believe in the power of creative expression so passionately, I don't want anyone to grow up and loose their connection to it!  I want the teens I work with to get the help they need using something they are naturally drawn to and to stay connected to it so they can take this power into adulthood.  Then, just maybe, we will have a generation of adults who not only value creativity and the arts but put it to work to solve problems, connect people, and even save the world!

This is why I get up everyday and do the work I do in the world and it is my great honor to work with your teen!


Jody Pittner, ATR-BC, LPCC

Board Certified Registered Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Owner of Truly Connected Counseling and Art Therapy