Individual Therapy for Parents

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Parenting is the toughest job on the planet!

There is nothing more powerful and utterly terrifying than having a child.  Suddenly, you are responsible for a whole other life and there is no instruction booklet!  From the moment your children is conceived, you become part of this incredible, transformative process.  Sometimes it feels like you go kicking and screaming into the changes asked of you, other changes like how you have come to know a whole new level of love, are a welcomed expansion.

Things don’t always go quite as expected or we may hit a bump along the way. While some bumps are larger than others, common parenting challenges include:

  • Struggling with your new role as a parent, feeling like you will never be good enough

  • A birth that didn't go as you had planned, feeling unresolved about it all

  • Feeling incredible anxiety and worry over your child, more than you think other parents may feel

  • Becoming the parent you promised yourself you would not become because you're repeating old family stories and traumas from the past

  • Finding it hard to balance self and parenthood and feeling guilty about it

  • Your child is a teen and their independence is sending you into a bit of an identity crisis.

I get it.  It's hard to put yourself first. 

It's hard to make your emotional well being so central and to justify the investment of time and money in yourself.  But I have a secret to share with you. You are already central. Your emotional well being (or lack of it) already affects your children and family.  The question is…is it affecting them the way you'd like it to?

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I'm here to help you get unstuck and begin seeing your parenting journey as a truly transformative catalyst for growth.  So if you're ready to stop all the shame, guilt, and fear from ruling your life and home, I'm here to witness and empower you to change. Our work together will help you reclaim your creativity, heal the past, and reconnect to your true self.

What makes therapy work?  

Answer: Truly connecting with your therapist. Bottom line. Research has proven the biggest reason change happens in therapy is not based on techniques and specific interventions as much as the therapeutic relationship itself.

This is why I only take a few individuals at a time and keep my groups small. I want to be fully present and take the time to really hold space for what needs to emerge in therapy.  People often feel pressured in so many other areas of life, so I want to allow my clients plenty of time to create and let things naturally emerge in session. For your convenience, I offer in-person or online sessions (with the exception of EMDR Therapy). This is available to any parent in Ohio who is ready to go deeper and give the gift of healing to yourself and your family.

Help is here!

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It's as easy as 1-2-3 

  1. Schedule a Free 15 Connection Call to see if we're a potential fit and get your questions answered.  If we decide to proceed, you'll move to Step 2.

  2. Schedule an Intake Interview appointment.  You will receive an information packet to review and fill out prior to this appointment.  This is required of all new clients whether your are interested in individual, group therapy, or some combination.  If either party decides we are not a good fit, I will do my best to provide referrals based on your needs.  If we decide we are a good fit, we'll schedule our first individual and/or group therapy session!  

  3. Therapy begins!! We will fine tune your treatment plan together including specific goals to be achieved, whether individual, group, or some combination is most appropriate, and the ways we will measure and evaluate your progress.  We formally review and discuss progress around every 6 weeks.