Why groups Work for teens

The teen years are an amazing, intense time of growth and maturation.  Children this age begin to naturally pull away from their families and begin looking to friends for love, acceptance, and advice.  While peers relationships can be supportive and healthy, often friends may be experiencing many of the same scary feelings and uncertainties.  Teen groups, when facilitated by a trained professional, tap into the power of peer relationships while also offering a new way to approach and understand problems.  Add creative expression and opportunities to truly connect into the mix and something magical can happen, allowing feelings of isolation and loneliness to disappear.

Current Groups Enrolling now:

Teen Art Therapy Group (age12-14)

Teen Art Therapy Group (age 15-18)

Upcoming Groups:

  • Teen DBT-Inspired Skills Group (age 15-18) - Winter 2018 
  • Teen LGBTQIA Art Therapy Support Group (age 13-18) - Winter 2018
  • Teen Girl Empowerment Series (age 12-14) and (age 15-18) -Winter 2018
  • Teen Boy Empowerment Series (age 12-14) and (age 15-18) -Winter 2018
  • Winter Teen Art and Nature Camp - TBD
  • Spring Teen Art and Nature Camp - TBD