DBT Skills Group

for teens who struggle with intense emotions, distress intolerance,relationship difficulties, and are in need of more self-compassion

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Consider these questions:

  1. Does your teen experience intense and overwhelming emotions?

  2. Do they have strong and sometimes impulsive reactions to those emotions?

  3. Are they particularly self-critical and make harsh judgments about themselves?

  4. Do they avoid feelings by shutting down or even turn to self-harming behaviors?

  5. Do they struggle to meet their own needs or have poor boundaries?

  6. Do they lack the ability to be assertive and effectively communicate their needs to others?

  7. Are they intolerant to difficult or painful situations?


DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) was created by Dr. Marsha Linehan as a treatment for adults who struggle with safety issues and intense emotions. DBT works to help clients stay safe, improve emotional reactions, act less impulsively, and improve relationships. Over the years, DBT has been proven helpful to a wide variety of people and in a variety of settings, especially with teens who experience any number of the above challenges. Comprehensive DBT Programs include weekly individual therapy, DBT Skills Group, Phone Coaching, and Therapist consultation. However, DBT Skills Group alone can


We are currently enrolling teens for January 2019

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