About Cal Reed


Primitive and earth-based living skills instructor, hunter, and avid nature lover


More about Cal...

As a water treatment specialist, Cal spends a lot of time on the road. He is a self-taught primitive archer, capable of making a complete archery outfit from materials directly from the landscape.  He has taught many earth-based living skills to youth and adults including self bow making, flint knapping, basketry, hide tanning, primitive cooking, traps, wild edibles and awareness skills, to name a few.

His proudest achievement is when he harvested a deer in 1997 with a home-made osage bow and cane shafted flint tipped arrow.

He has taken numerous classes from the Tracker School in New Jersey and was a two time instructor and presenter at national Mid Atlantic Primitive Skills Gatherings (MAPS Meet). Cal strives to have command of all skills necessary to live purely in nature with no fabricated resources.

He loves spending time in nature and gives freely of his time to any youth and adults interested in strengthening their connections to the Earth. 

Cal is the father of two grown children and he lives with his wife, Sandy, as they split their time between Ohio and the wilds of West Virginia.

Meet Cal and Sandy Reed...